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Reckless Edward is in the process of unleashing its mighty power chord pop on the unsuspecting burg of Indianapolis. Reckless Edward is Ed (Michael Crawford) on guitar sounds and vocals, Reckless Larry (Larry Huffman) on drums and catchy chorus vocals and the stoic Reckless Elena (Elena Anaya) on the heavy bass.

Guitar playing Ed comes to Indy by way of the infamous Lafayette band The Mixelpricks, the Fort Wayne, Indiana punk heroes The Migraines and Detroit's very own punk godfathers 249. Reckless Elena carries the resume of Chicken Head Turbo and Polyester Starfish in the pocket of her Levi's jeans. Reckless Steve is sailing into uncharted waters with the likes of these two. He'll learn about the effects of bad influences, just give him time.

So, "How do these wunderkind like living in Indianapolis?" you ask? They LOVE Indianapolis. "It's the next Minneapolis, MN or Seattle, WA. Things are starting to break here in Indy for the independent bands and labels. By the time we release our first EP in the spring of 2006, the scene will be ripe for the picking. Bands like The Slurs and The Pieces are bringing all the label reps to town and we're ready to ride their coattails to glory." Says front man Ed.

Central Indiana Music Zine Weekly News's own Suzie Snotwood asks the question; "How long have you been a band?" to which the band says, "Long enough to learn some songs, but not so long as to feel like we've been playing Satisfaction or Freebird to arena audiences for the last 50 years." Prompting Suzie to ask the obvious, "So, who do you sound like?" Reckless Larry lets loose, "What, are you like kidding me? What the hell do you think power chord pop sounds like? We're the best combination of loud, fast, hard, slow, rock, alternative, melodic, punk, emo, pop, Celine Dion, Harry Connick Jr. wannabees that ever hit this town. Sh*t, get a real job would you?"

Diatribe aside, Reckless Larry has a good point. How do you make a three piece of guitar, bass and drums sound different after 155,687 bands have already tried? Simple: write about what you know. Play to your own ozone level. You can expect to hear the influences of KISS, RUSH, REO SPEEDWAGON, FOREIGNER, PRINCE, BILLY JOEL and THE MUPPETS in their work. BILLY is a dead giveaway when the rip out their version of PIANO MAN. Unfortunately, the band doesn't sound a bit like any of the bands mentioned. They sound a little more like Green Day, The Replacements, Soul Asylum, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World with maybe a little of current sensation, Good Charlotte thrown in for good measure.

Now's the time to let Ed tell you a little bit about himself and his influences: First the name, Reckless Edward, where does that come from? "Reckless Edward is an alter ego for the person we are on the inside. As a result, I am Reckless Ed or just Ed. I play the guitar and sing about all sorts of nonsense. I'm afraid that certain themes arise like teen angst, finding a girl, losing a girl, loving a girl, hating a girl and the death of raccoons. Naturally, these are all things that affect us in daily life. So, I just write them down and put a couple of chords behind them to give the rest of the band something to do while I pontificate on life's little complications.


Reckless Ed was born on the Southside of Chicago. He moved to Los Angeles (CA), Milwaukee (WI), Madison (WI), Akron (OH), Fort Wayne (IN) and Indianapolis. He likes the Midwest.

Turn-on's: intelligence, beer/wine & big smiles

Turn-off's: the discarding of aluminum cans (they recycle you know!!!)

Musical Influences: Oh crap, here goes a litany of great musicians that will be flattered that he loves their music, but doesn't sound anything like them. In alphabetical order (Top 5 highlighted): Afghan Whigs, American Hi-Fi, The Beatles, Bash & Pop, Beastie Boys, Blink 182, Buffalo Tom, Marc Cohn, Cracker, Mark Curry, Everclear, Fleetwood Mac, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, Jimi Hendrix, Husker Du, Iggy Pop, Indigo Girls, Jane's Addiction, Billy Joel, Elton John, Junk Monkeys, KISS, The Lemonheads, Paul McCartney, The Migraines, Nirvana, Oasis, The Other Kids, Perfect, The Police, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Replacements, REM, Rights of the Accused, RUSH, Senseless Things, Sex Pistols, School of Fish, Paul Simon, Social Distortion, Soul Asylum, Matthew Sweet, Treble Charger, Neil Young and Warren Zevon.
P.S. Paul Westerberg (The Replacements) is a musical God. What the evangelical people say is true; God will return one day. What they forgot to tell everyone is that he/she will take the shape of an older guy who doesn't like to tour, but writes, sings and plays the best music in the whole f*cking world.

Ed started playing drums in high school. He played drums in college for Afghan Void and The Blue Herons. He moved on to bass in his first major label band, 249, which has lasted 14 years. They still play the occasional show in hometown Detroit, MI. Ed also played bass with One Foot Records band The Migraines in Fort Wayne, IN. It was the first time in Ed's life that he was kicked out of a band. What was more amazing is that it was for religious reasons. So much for selling your soul to the devil. Next time, Ed will ask for more. Ed decided to switch to guitar and was picked up by Lafayette's prolific songsters The Mixelpricks. This was a fun gig that motivated Ed to find Reckless Steve and Reckless Elena after moving to Indy. As Reckless Steve mentioned, Steve met Ed/Mike at an underground Missing Persons fan club, and the beginnings of Reckless Edward began to take shape.


Name: Larry Huffman

Instrument: Percussion

Birthplace: Earth


Reckless Elena was born in the burbs of Chicago. She moved to Indianapolis a decade later.

Music Influences: There's not much that Elena doesn't listen too. Tito Puente, Bill Chase, RHCP, Strokes, Birdmen of Alcatraz. She can only remember the last five things she's listened to on her Ipod.

Elena played trumpet for twelve years before switching to bass. She has played in Chicken Head Turbo, Polyester Starfish, and many other unsuccessful bands.